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Pvc sheets black

ONGROFOAM sheets – owing to their low density – feature ultralow weight. Their durable and versatile surface make them easily printed and painted by any printing techniques. ONGROFOAM sheets have excellent sound and heat isolation properties. Our products are self-extinguishing and comply with the most demanding national fire resistance standards defined in the field of plastics.

ONGROFOAM can be easily and economically worked with any standard tools used in metal and wood industries. Owing to the unique properties of the sheets, they have a wide variety of applications and their usage is cost-effective. In order to protect the surface of the sheets, they are delivered with protective film layer bonded on one side.

Black pvc sheets in 3mm in 205cm x305cm.

Black pvc sheets in 5mm in 205cm x305cm.

Black pvc sheets in 10mm in 205cm x305cm.

Black pvc sheets in 19mm in 156cm x305cm.


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