Antibacterial laminating film

Monomeric PVC Film (Transparent gloss 80 μm) with antibacterial
agents and ultra-clear acrylic solvent adhesive (permanent),
laminated on an one-sided clay-coated silicone paper liner (90g/m²).
Designed to protect any hygienic sensitive areas, it protects the
surfaces for a long time. It easily resists to scratches even in
case of application in areas with incessant scraping such as the
covering of floors and walls:
Wet and Hygienically sensitive areas, Hospital patient and
treatment rooms, Education rooms, Healthcare (public &
private), Pharmaceutical, Industrial, Airports, Railway stations,
Retirement homes, Food manufacturing, Fast food, Swimming
pools, Stadium, Laboratories, Kitchens and services, Facilities.
Active variety (ISO 22196): reduction more than 99,99% of
microbes (excellent capacity to inhibit growth of a wide range of
microbes) combined with good procedures of hygiene and cleaning.
Suitable substrate: Any kind of furniture (table, chair, bed,
walls, windows, doors, door knobs,…). It resists to the cleaning
procedure for 50 simulated intensive washing cycles for weekly
cleaning, 50 weeks of ageing with disinfectant recommended by
WHO against “Corona Virus” SARS.
Very good transparency and flatness characteristics.

Available in rolls : 137cm x 50m

Laminating film rolls, PROTECTIVE EQUIPMENT

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