Heat Transfer Rayon Flock TUBITHERM POLI-TAPE


TUBITHERM® PLT is a high-quality heat transfer rayon flock based
on viskose fibers or polyamide fibers. The brilliance and texture are
due to high fibre density. TUBITHERM® PLT is based on ecologically
harmless raw material and is free of PVC and plasticizer, in accordance to OEKO-TEX® STANDARD 100 class I (referred to certificate
TUBITHERM® PLT has excellent cutting and weeding properties
and even detailed logos and extremely small lettering are cuttable.
TUBITHERM® PLT can be used for lettering on clothes such as
uniforms, sport & leisure wear as well as for textile design.
TUBITHERM® PLT can be cut with all current plotters.
We recommend using a flock knife (60°). After weeding the
cut flock is transferred by heat press. The PET liner should
be removed warm. Afterwards we recommend pressing the
material for another 2 sec. with the same parameters.
TUBITHERM® PLT has an excellent wash resistance of +60°C
and it is suitable for dry-cleaning. After washing the flock surface
is not affected with adherent fibres / fluff.TUBITHERM_PLT_en

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