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Promotional stands

Promotional stands are among the simplest marketing materials. Nevertheless, they can be surprisingly effective and very useful for any business. They are also cheap and easy to customize, maybe they also allow for adjusting the messages on the spot. These and other reasons make for a convincing argument – promotional stands are worth at least considering if you’re equipping your business premises, expo booth, even the street outside your shop. You can expect to see the effect of your promotion even with the simplest and cheapest stands, which also means great return on your investment!

Promotional stands are useful for much more than promotions alone. They can be easily used for displaying informative messages, for example for directing your guests on an exhibition or event. If you’re imaginative enough, you can do wonders with a simple promotional stand. This means your promotional material will not stay hidden and forgotten, it will do its job and impress your target group.

  • FAST and EASY Assembly !
  • Folding Support Poles for fixing the Header Panel.
  • Construction: Plastic.
  • In the set: Promotional Table + Carry Bag.
  • Dimensions : 2m x 0,80m x 0,40m

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