SEC058X security film 200 microns external


SEC 058X protective film for glazing greater than 3m2 • External application • Norm / standards en 12600

Particularly thick and with exceptional resistance to tearing.

Strengthens glazing

Applied to glazing, this colorless film forms an integral membrane which holds the glass in place. It prevents the glass from shattering in the event of an explosion. It is particularly recommended in public places such as shops, shopping centers, schools, hospitals, public buildings, exhibition halls, sports establishments, homes.

Increase the resistance of the glass

Using a specially designed adhesive, security films absorb the energy created by the impact of an object or by the shock wave from an explosion. The risks of glass breakage are greatly reduced as evidenced by the tests carried out by the CEBTP according to standard NF P78.406 & 2B2 NF EN 12600 and resistance to soft body impacts.

Avoid shards of glass
If the glass breaks, an invisible and resistant membrane retains the pieces of broken glass. The glazing becomes star but remains in place, thus preserving the safety of people and equipment. Meeting the strictest safety standards, safety films (Fire Rating / Euroclass Standards) burn without creating or propagating flames. Even in these extreme conditions, they retain their properties: the glass does not shatter in the heat.

Do not modify the transparency of the glass

Thanks to crystal polyester, transparency and visibility are not affected, even after years of exposure to sunlight. Better still, the treatment imposed with acrylic glue filters U.V.A radiation at 95%, thus preventing the discoloration of goods displayed in the window.


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